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+ Did you know that unemployment payments to service members fresh out of the military have doubled since 2008?

+ Did you know that the largest loss prevention employment site has 2700 unfilled positions?

"Hire-A-Vet" Program is Understanding

The Loss Prevention Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to transform and elevate the loss prevention occupation into the true profession that it should be. It's board of directors are world renown retailers who represent $850,000,000 in annual revenue. The LPF's desire is to find skilled, motivated candidates and seed them into the numerous higher end loss prevention positions that exist today.

Veterans**: You have already proven your loyalty, your dedication, and your ability to accomplish a goal. We know that you have the ability to do the work it takes to transition into the civilian work-force. The LPF has staff dedicated to giving you a 'short' path into a new career field. We have the mentoring and education necessary to show you how to thrive in a culture that functions by different rules and social norms that what you are used to. An understanding of the process is this:

  • Do read about our "Hire-A-Vet" Program.
  • Show your interest in the program and your willingness to do the work necessary to be LPQ certified by enrolling.
  • Our Armed Services Transition Committee will then contact you for a resume, to suggest you create a LinkedIn profile, or to answer your individual questions.
  • We'll discuss your questions about the online LPQ courseware and certification which is internationally recognized and is a very appealing credential for the higher end LP positions.
  • We'll pass your resume along to match you up with retailers who are looking for those high end candidates.
  • Many of our interested retailers have scholarship dollars available for our certification and if they chose, they may provide you them up front. The Committee is also continuing to obtain government funding and other dollars for you.
  • With an LPQ certification (the Loss Prevention education), the Foundation will guarantee you a LP supervisor / entry management interview.

Retailers: Veterans have the absolute foundation necessary to make great loss prevention managers. They are taught organizational, leadership, and time management concepts. They know how to make a plan, follow a plan, and flex to the plan if necessary. They already are amazing team players with attention to detail. Many Veterans come with college degrees and/or extra classes that they took while in the service.

“If they can learn all that the Military teaches them, surely they can learn what we need to teach them!" Ken Rayca, Director, Loss Prevention, Liz Claiborne.

What you can do is join our growing list of retailers looking to hire LPQualified vets to retail loss prevention positions. You are welcome to join in on this list, view the Veteran resumes we are collecting, or to talk with the LPF about what your involvement in the program entails.

Armed Services Transition Committee: Kevin Lynch, LPC veteran, LPF board member, and Executive Director of Tyco Integrated Security leads the Loss Prevention Foundation's Armed Services Transition Committee. Their mission is to "attract, prepare, and promote the hiring of veterans, non-returning active-duty approaching separation, National Guard and Reserve military personnel to retail loss prevention". A Veteran can transition effectively when they are given the right way to take what they know and apply that knowledge to a radically different environment like retail loss prevention.

*Enroll: Are you already interested in participating in our "Hire-A-Vet" program without the need to read on? You are invited as a retailer, as veteran, as a soon to be separated active duty military person, or as a military committee volunteer, to just enroll using our "Hire-A-Vet" Program form. Please allow us up to two business days to respond. If you prefer, you can click here for our toll free phone number.

**Veterans: This term is used generically to include all honorably discharged veterans, soon to be separated active duty military personnel, members of the National Guard or Reserve.