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About LPF Membership

Let's work together to elevate the Loss Prevention / Asset protection profession and give our profession, the career recognition and professionalism that we know it deserves. With LPF's world leadership in educating and certifying retail LP/AP professionals, this not-for-profit contributes to your LP/AP career like no other.

Take advantage of our course-ware, our certifications, our "Hire-A-Vet" program, our Academic Retail Partnership program, our "Advancing the Professional" education series, and our membership program. Move your career forward, inspire others, as we advance our industry.

Membership Advantage

  • World's leading loss prevention and asset protection membership site
  • Member map see and connect with LPF members near and far
  • Chat, connect, and network on-line with LP/AP professionals
  • Securely create your own secure LP/AP social identity; by building and sharing your wall, your blog, your photos, your files, etc. with other like-minded professionals
  • Demonstrate your expertise to the LP/AP community by knowledge sharing thru wiki participation
  • Easily update your own LPF profile and records
  • Simply purchase via personalized, pre-filled forms for courses, exams, and/or membership
  • Receive a membership packet: embossed certificate with framing option, membership letter, LPF Logo 'd micro fiber cleaning cloth, etc.
  • Print your membership card; once, twice, or as often as is needed.
  • Obtain Bi Monthly Membership Newsletters that will include insider events and/or special discounts
  • First to receive Loss Prevention Foundation press releases
  • Access to LPF Logo'd Gear Store
  • EARN 5 CEUs each membership year towards your LPC continuing education credits
  • SAVE $100s every year with exclusive opportunity for Member Rewards program at $19.95
  • SAVE $125 LPC recertification fee - free with 3 years of consecutive membership
  • SAVE $75.50 (10%) on full-course payment for LPC
  • SAVE $49.40 (10%) on full-course payment for LPQ
  • SAVE 33% on LPF educational events
  • Develop your own private LP/AP group with invitee instant messaging, document, photo, and discussion share*
  • Join our "members only" LPQ Exam or LPC Exam study groups. Find, access, and qualify for all open groups such as our LPQualified and/or LPCertified, etc.
  • Initiate a LP/AP topical forum*
  • Career Center - take time to consider, plan, and actively grow your career with our tips and content
  • Education Center - dig deep into LP/AP professional topics
  • Knowledge Center - display your expertise, while mentoring others through wiki knowledge base contributions
  • Student Center - discover and create your LP/AP future
  • Professional Center - find and connect with LP/AP professionals or LP/AP academic institutions around the world
  • Resource Center - use our tools to qualify for exams, register your membership, purchase courses, etc.
  • Priority consideration on serving on LPF committees
  • Priority registration at LPF Events
  • Add LPF membership to your resume and send the message; you are a full-on professional, not singularly focused on investigations and interviewing.

*Please Contact Us to activate these site features.