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About LPF Membership

Hard work, professional values, membership, and commitment from the world's loss prevention community makes our not-for-profit, Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF), the international leader in educating and certifying retail loss prevention professionals. LPF’s mission and passion is to advance the retail loss prevention and asset protection profession by providing relevant, convenient and challenging educational resources.

LPF administers the industry’s only internationally sanctioned LP credentials: LPQualified (LPQ) and LPCertified (LPC). In addition to the membership program, LPF focuses on driving more talent to the industry from colleges, universities, military and law enforcement through its Academic Retail Partnership Program and its Hire-A-Vet Program.

By joining the LPF you are supporting our mission and efforts to elevate the loss prevention industry to a respected profession across all retail and business environments. We work to eliminate the confining "Security-shoplifter-apprehension" stereotype as well as to advance the profession into core business processes profiting both the business and the LP/AP professional.

Becoming a supporting member of the LPF connects you with industry leaders and those that share your desire to elevate the professional status of loss prevention practitioners. Your commitment will also serve as a tangible reminder to prospective employers that you understand a strategic, long-term vision of the loss prevention profession. Adding it to your resume, sends a clear message that you are a professional, not singularly focused on investigations and interviewing.

The Loss Prevention Foundation offers several membership opportunities. It is for professional individuals, students, academics or can even be purchased in bulk.