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Academic Retail Partnership Program

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Academic Retail Partnership Program Benefits

For Students:

  • Gives you a comprehensive understanding of loss prevention and related fields.
  • Allows you to add something industry related to your professional credentials in lieu of having actual experience
  • Prepares you for the job interview.
  • Will aid in making you successful in the retail environment once hired.
  • Gets your foot in the door to an interview with a retailer where a rewarding and lucrative job awaits.
  • The LPQ credential gives you the edge with over 70 companies nationwide that prefer LPQualified applicants.
  • LPF will help you target your LP career, by giving a $100 discount on full LPQ course payment, a free 1 year LPF Student Membership, and orchestrate an interview with participating program retailers.

For Retailers:

  • Provides a benchmark of entry level executive knowledge.
  • Sets a standard of excellence and an expectation for professional performance.
  • Establishes that your department hires for quality and uses high education standards.
  • Promotes a global view of LP as a partner in the business of retail.
  • Enhances promotional opportunities and professional growth.
  • Expands the vision of the LP department and the potential impact on the business.
  • Adds to the professional perception both within and outside your organization.

For Colleges:

  • Establishes a direct relationship between the college and participating retailers.
  • Enhances existing college course content to specialize students in a marketable industry.
  • Opens an industry of private sector professional careers to students enrolled in Criminal Justice courses.
  • LPQ curriculum transferable to leadership positions beyond Loss Prevention.
  • Over over 70 companies prefer LPQ applicants among candidates for Loss Prevention positions adding to placement potential of LPQ graduates.

Further Details::

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Are you interested in participating in our Academic and Retail Partnership Program? Do you have questions? Please Contact Us and ask about joining the Academic and Retail Partnership Program.